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Time to settle in with a cup of coffee and a few of my favorite publications.  Nothing like a good dose of Spring eye candy to stimulate the imagination. …whether it be an Easter crafts article or pages packed with beautiful images of the season at hand.  I’ve always been a magazine junkie due to the inherently visual nature of the format.  Some people love to cook and eat…..for me, images are my food!

The weekend is also the time to light out into the woods to see what progress has been made in nature’s attempt to reawaken from winter slumber.  At the edge of a small meadow at the far end of our property I happened upon something I had not realized existed….perhaps because I may have actually crossed the property line and might actually have been trespassing on a neighbor’s property….but we won’t talk about that…it was really close to being in my yard, so I’m claiming it!  So there!

Anyway, it was a clump of Snowdrops…one of the very earliest blooming flowers, so named because it often shows up in late winter, its petals rising above the snow.  This particular clump must have been the more intelligent variety, waiting until all the snow had melted!  They were a pleasure to see.

What were these little guys doing in such an odd location?  I surely don’t know, but I’m glad I came upon them.

In the Victorian times flowers were very important in conveying messages and emotions.  Each flower had a meaning associated with it.  The Snowdrop stood for consolation or hope…which may be why it appears on many Victorian Easter cards.  Here are a few examples from my own collection..I find them delightful, almost like a trip back through time…

May you enjoy your weekend and the blessings of nature.


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