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You’re a Waldorf Salad!-cole porter   Leave a comment

It’s Friday! Time for the weekend to begin!

I hope you have something interesting planned…..a swanky luau inspired party perhaps?


Perhaps an intimate soiree with just a special someone?  A few records on the turntable and a cold beer sliding down your throat?

Let’s hope you have something inspiring to put on the turntable, unlike this lady who is apparently going to be listening to herself.  Ha!  Hopefully her Living Stereo album does not feature the sound of slurping beer….but I digress…

Perhaps as an alternative you’d like to serve something that has both historical and suave connotations to impress your swell friend or family?

The good ol’ Waldorf Salad has been around since approximately 1893-1896 when it appeared on the menu at the posh New York hotel, the Waldorf Hotel….which later became the Waldorf-Astoria.  The salad has many interpretations, but the original did not include nuts….at least not until somewhere between its invention and the late 1920’s. After that they appear on a regular basis in the salad. One constant ingredient, however is the use of apples.  One of my Better Homes & Gardens from 1961 devotes a large two page spread to the subject of the glorious Waldorf salad, which was enjoying a surge in popularity in that decade. It was served even in school cafeterias…which was where I first, at a very tender age, had my virgin voyage with the stuff.

In case you want to add this mid-century version to your repertoire,  here it is!  I see nuts and sugared grapes!

Did you know that the Waldorf Salad was even immortalized……or at least mentioned in this fun Cole Porter song?  And this version has old time photos to go with the lyrics too!

Yes, “You’re a Waldorf Salad”!

Or at least you know how to  make one from the 60’s now!

Enjoy your Friday and take time to savor your food and loved ones this weekend.


Spring Brings Birthdays….and Cake!   Leave a comment

Sometimes just the vision of sugarplums or a beautifully turned out cake is enough to get my heart racing!  This past week marked my daughter’s birthday and her cake request was for a certain creation found at one of Northeast Ohio’s most delectable bakeries, Michael Angelo’s Bakery (and Chocolatier!).  Their website alone is drool-worthy to say  the least.  When one of their confections lands in your  mouth, you know you are experiencing something special.  We asked for standard flowers as the decorative element….I liked the way they placed small leaves along the side of the cake as well….it’s the details that make it special.  And it was way too tall to fit under my cake cover…another nice detail!

Absolutely fresh ingredients and an abundance of beautifully sculpted and piped whipped cream icing, that happens to be lighter than air and not at all overpowering, are the hallmarks of their lovely cakes.  This one happens to have fresh strawberry custard as the filling.  Yum!

A beautiful Spring cake makes the celebration even more memorable, and it’s sad to see the last piece go!

A cold glass of milk, a sunny Spring day, and even the fork looks happy!

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