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A Little Serendipity on a Spring Afternoon   Leave a comment

Webster’s defines the word serendipity as “the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for”.

Much in need of some sunshine and color, I set out this afternoon on a short jaunt around the back yard to see what I could come across that gave evidence that the long winter was at last vanquished.  As my shoes sank slightly with each step on the ground that was still drying out from the snow’s last runoff, I searched for any sign of green…anything poking its head through layers of last Fall’s leaves….clinging to a rock….whatever I could find on this mid-March day.  Ahh!  I spied a crocus, that welcome harbinger of Spring early bloomers.  As I leaned down to take a shot, serendipity arrived on wings….bumblebee wings…..and I took full advantage of it.

My next stop was over to an old garden border where I thought I had seen evidence of another crocus a few days ago.  Sure enough, there it was….and fully opened at that. As I pressed the camera shutter a couple of times to capture the beauty of the small flower, I finally noticed that the lovely bloom had a very small visitor who had been sitting on one of the petals the whole time I was shooting!  Serendipity?  I think so!  Take a look…If you know how small a crocus is, you’ll know how small the visitor is too!

The rest of my walk yielded no more winged creatures in my shots, but plenty of evidence that Spring is indeed springing.  I vowed from now on to be better at recognizing serendipity when it was staring me in the face!

Here’s hoping you will take a moment to enjoy all the smalls that nature provides in this wonderful season of renewal….

………renewal and rebirth…

Wonderful Spring!


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