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Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I’m one of those people who has been drawing from the time I was in    diapers…my parents would attest to that fact. Just don’t ask what I was drawing on or where I got my “crayon”!  Suffice it to say, my love affair with art and the visual world has been long-standing and has led me down the path of teaching in the public schools, recruiting for an art school, and participating in the various tasks associated with volunteering for a community art center.

But at the core of my being is the need to express myself through my own artwork…primarily drawing and painting, but also jewelry making and sewing.  To that end, this blog was born to act as an “inspiration board” where I can visually record everything that excites me and leads me into further creativity.  Whether it be the incredible array of design apparent in Mother Nature, or the simple slant of afternoon sunlight on one of my treasured vintage objects, or the finely crafted details on a well-made article of clothing…..all these things inspire me and are crucial to my creative output.  It is my hope that you will enjoy the images, and that your time spent at my blog site will encourage you to look around for yourself and find those things in your world that may inspire you to greater creativity as well.

As for the recording of these details…or “smalls” as I like to call them,  for now I’ll have to rely on my little Pentax “small-as-a- credit- card”  Optio to be my best buddy.  Don’t tell him I am lusting after that Canon….you probably know the one.  But one day it will be mine!

Oh and one last thing…it’s not fre-hair-four…it’s fresh- air- four!  WordPress nixed any caps, so I had no way to visually separate the words…or at least my brain failed me on that particular aspect at the time, and now, voila!  It’s written in stone!   Anyway, the fresh air aspect relates to the fact that after many years living in a city atmosphere, I have recently been able to return to my beloved countryside of Northeast Ohio.  So it’s a breath of fresh air for me both literally and figuratively. And the four?  It’s really the number 4….my favorite number since the time I was in diapers…well…almost.

Enjoy my ramblings.  Let me know what you think!

FreshAir4,  a.k.a. freshairfour



Posted March 2, 2010 by freshairfour

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