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Today is Flag Day….the day that is set aside in commemoration of the adoption of the flag of the United States by the Second Continental Congress back in 1777, on June 14th of that year. The day is often marked by parades, flag raising ceremonies and of course the singing of patriotic songs. It is a day for reflection of the meaning of our flag and all it represents…we can certainly all use some of that from time to time.

In my old Brownie handbook there is a page specifically devoted to “Flag Manners”.  Take a look.  It annoys me to no end when I see people talking through the Pledge of Allegiance (which seems to be said very rarely these days) or the National Anthem at a baseball game. Why are people so anxious to get to the actual playing of the game that they cannot take a moment to shut their mouths and show a small sign of respect for the country in which they happily live, work and play…and without such freedoms and the sacrifices of others, they might likely not even be at said baseball game?

Please show some respect.  It doesn’t hurt anyone to pause for a brief moment to honor one’s country and flag.

Here is a touching tribute to our flag…a poem called “Ragged Old Flag” performed by the late Johnny Cash.

And this video highlights the beauty of our country…lest we forget…with words spoken by John Wayne..

Finally, and on a lighter note, who can resist the sight of a display of patriotism and glee involving children, bikes, flags and crepe paper?  Here, from 1971…

May you enjoy this Flag Day as much as those bike- riding children!

Even with all of our current problems, it is still a great country.


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