Mid-Century Ceramic Elf Joins the Crew!   Leave a comment

My collection of kitschy ceramic chickens were cackling with glee on top of my refrigerator a few days ago at the sight of the latest addition to my world of kitchen kitsch, namely a polka-dotted mid-century elf, complete with violin and woodland log.  The poor character was sitting forlornly in the corner of a wooden box at an outdoor flea market/garage sale…hardly a fate fitting for a little guy who had probably at one time graced a shelf in someone’s kitchen back in the days of Perry Como and Mitch Miller.  A sticker denoting 3 dollars as his going price, which given his six inch height…one of the larger elves I’d come across, seemed fairly reasonable.

Still, I hesitated.

Did I really need to spend the 3 dollars?  I went home without him.

I thought about him for the next three hours.

Having a weakness for vintage kitsch of all types, I was having a tug of war in my mind between wanting to save that 3 dollars and wanting to preserve a piece of kitschy history.

Guess what won?

Here he is.  The chickens can go ahead and laugh at him, but personally I think he’s extremely cute…in a kitschy sort of way, of course.

Here he is on the porch…in all his polka-dotted glory…

However, he really wanted to be outside in a more dignified setting….so I complied with his request. Gotta make the new guy feel at home, after all.

I think it was his goofy smile and green eyes that got me.  That, and the fact that he can play the violin…or at least fakes it well.

Or  maybe it was the small gold heart on his chest, which I discovered upon closer inspection.

Let the chickens laugh. I think he is sweet.  Dorky pointed ears and all.

And I hope he brings a smile to your face on this Monday in June.

As someone before me enjoyed him, so will I give him a place of honor on my windowsill where he will again be appreciated.

Enjoy your day!


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