Kids About to Cause a Problem..   Leave a comment

OK, I’m about to digress from art history for the moment and tell you that I absolutely love vintage advertising. I love it for its overly dramatic nature in many cases and I love it for the humor it brings (even though I’m sure back in the day, the ads were meant to be fairly serious).  They never fail to bring a smile to my face, and for those reasons I find the old ads delightful.   And on a Monday, everyone needs at least one humorous interlude….so I present these…from my own well-loved 1963 Better Homes and Gardens magazines….

“Ummmm….Houston, we have a problem……ladies….you’d better turn around and stop yakking about the wonders of cooking with electricity.  Little Debbie is back there getting ready to create an electrifyingly chocolate accident of her own!  Abort conversation!  Abort conversation!”   But, oblivious to the warning, Mrs. Theodore Croner (of Millbrook New York!) and Mrs. Robert Bleyer drone on and on….

And below,  Big Brother laughs evilly to himself as he can hardly wait to see the look on Mom and Dad’s faces when they discover that their annual family portrait (with refrigerator of course) as well as their new carpeting has been ruined by the drip, drip, drip of Little Sister’s clandestine red Popsicle….

May you start your week off with a smile…..or two!


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