An Artist of Note: Duane Keiser   Leave a comment

I have followed the work of contemporary artist Duane Keiser for a while now, and if you are unfamiliar with his name, it will certainly be worth your while to become acquainted with his Painting a Day series which he started back in 2004 and which has caught on to become a movement encompassing artists of all genres and levels of talent.  The idea is to start and complete one painting per 24 hour period, every day for as long as possible.  Duane’s work for this series is small format, which makes sense given the time constraints, and he has found success marketing these small gems on the Internet.  Even in these current economic times he has done well, due to the fine caliber of his work and his innovative marketing technique through eBay and his YouTube videos, which showcase his painting technique in a time-lapse format. An example is shown below …from Duane’s YouTube site

Duane has a similar sensibility to my own in that he tends to paint the small often overlooked objects and vignettes of everyday life. He is quite adept at portraying light and its tendencies in all situations.  I’m inspired by his talent, choice of subject matter, and his work ethic.  I am seriously thinking of making the commitment to the Painting A Day idea.  It’s good for improving technique and it’s good for the mind and soul.

I hope you take the time to explore his site and his various blogs.  Like me, you may become a devotee.


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