A Good Day to Stay Inside and View Some Vintage Nests!   Leave a comment

Wow!  As nice and warm as it has been over the last week, Mother Nature has suddenly changed her mind and given us a dose of chilly and very damp weather. On such a rainy day it’s such a temptation just to sit curled in a toasty blanket all day, sipping a hot beverage of some sort and gazing out the window.  Alas, for me that was not to be.  With my birthday fast approaching and my Pennsylvania drivers license about to give up the ghost, I was doomed to go a few rounds with the weather in order to change my motorist’s allegiance over to the great state of Ohio.  Knowing that I would have to go to two different locations in the county, one to take the written test and one to get my actual photo license, I prepared by putting on a little extra makeup and donning my winter coat with its hood in an attempt to keep what hairdo I had from going completely downhill.

I learned this scientific equation when I was still a young girl, and no scientist has yet proven me wrong :

Straight hair + rain = even flatter, straighter, droopier hair.

Well, to make a long story short, after 3 hours of running from location to location (Ohio doesn’t make it easy on you like Pa. did!) taking the test, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was indeed now living in Ohio and did not intend to leave, and finally posing for a photo that I can only describe as one that will only see the light of day when a.) I am pulled over by a policeman, which will hopefully never occur, or b.) I am forced to surrender my ID at the airport before going through security.  Yes, it’s that bad.  I’ll spare you the gory details.

Sooo…..On to more pleasant thoughts.  Such as a warm cup of green tea with jasmine.  I need some brain food right about now, and according to most reports green tea helps the brain cells.  If it helps my brain cells not to think of that ghastly license photo, that’ll be good enough for me!  You can’t see how wet and dreary it is out there today by this picture, but you can see some of our daffodils braving the day out in the back yard.  And you can see the cup of tea that is saving my brain cells as we speak!

I have many rooster/chicken mugs and items, but I’ll touch upon those on a different day.  They bring a whole different kind of inspiration!   Today, however seems more like a nesting day.  So I have a few vintage images of nests to share with you.  As you can probably tell, I am a sucker for old illustrations, scrap and all vintage things in general.  Many of the older illustrations, particularly done for the benefit of children’s books, have a softer, quieter quality about them that I really enjoy. I find them very comforting as well as visually beautiful.  Here are a couple of vintage scrap nests…

Love the fact that these little guys below are nested in a lilac bush!  The Victorians loved their lilacs!

Here’s a nest from one of my favorite girlhood books, The Golden Treasury of Natural History.  How I studied that book!  The pages are dog-eared, but the old illustrations still hold magic for me.  Published by Golden Press, it was and still is a treasure trove of mid-century science education illustration.  Here’s the nest…

And here’s the bird….a robin.

Here are a few Victorian postcard images of nests from my own collection, appropriately Spring themed. Love the dainty speckled eggs and the tiny feather that rests on the outside edge of the nest…a great detail.  Also, you can’t go wrong with pussywillows, in my opinion either!  A wonderful, intriguing plant.

And although Easter has passed, this little nest provides a cheery shot of color on this decidedly non-Springlike day….

The sweet illustration below is one by Eloise Wilkin from my own childhood book, A Giant Little Golden Book of Birds. Again, very well loved. I’ll show more of her work as time goes on. Her children were always quite distinctive and express the innocence and wonder of early childhood.  See the image below….

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these nest images as much as I do.  Here’s a nest shot of my own…just for fun.

Have a great day and remember that sometimes the small things in life…

bring the most joy to living.


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