How’d She ‘Do That?? Interesting Hair of a Past Age   Leave a comment

Well I’m sorry to report that my blogging was temporarily snuffed out due to an unexpected (it’s Spring for goodness sakes, I thought these things were supposed to be gone!) bout with a particularly nasty germ that hijacked my digestive system over the past few days….the kind that whips you around like a giant dog shaking his toy…and you are the toy!

Needless to say, when I wasn’t lying on the bed in a stupor, I had time to peruse some interesting images from my own collection and that of others.  Victorian hairdos seemed to hold a fascination, not only for the incredible amount of hair needed to create such ‘dos, but also the extreme complexity of some of them.

I think I have the hair, but I suspect I lack the manual dexterity for most of these creations. I would have needed some kind of helper to make me look presentable!  Look at these, all from an 1868 issue of Peterson’s Magazine…

Now we get a little more complex….

My fingers are getting tired….calling for helper….!


All images above come from Public Domain art, kindly scanned by, a great site if you love old images and also need a quick smile in your day.  My quick research into hair styles of the day indicates that these multitudes of curls, braids, etc. were oftentimes partly made up of small hairpieces…and since AquaNet hairspray was not even a twinkle in its inventor’s eye, if not hairpieces, the curls were held in place with…..grease or lard….oh DEAR!

Tomorrow I think I’ll check out hats….something to cover all that hair!


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