Light Studies- Part Two   Leave a comment

This time around, that same apple was joined by a lime and two lemons.  I was interested in looking at the effect of light passing through transparent segments of fruit, and also wanted to see how the glass bowl would reflect images, colors, etc.  Here are a few of the results….

For the shot below, I took a stab at photographing the fruit from a vantage point underneath the bowl and looking through the glass itself.  If you’re trying to look at something in a new way, and perhaps learn something new in the process, it never hurts to get experimental with vantage points.  This could apply to a lot of things in life, couldn’t it?!  Anyway, here’s the outcome….I was pleased with the way the edge of the bowl reflected the actual  image of the cut lemon.  Do you see it?  By the way, I don’t normally crop my photos after I take them….usually just crop it in my mind before taking the shot.  I like the “what you see is what you get” philosophy.  Especially when I’m just doing light studies like these.

For the shot below I just wanted to zero in on the fruit itself to enjoy how the different shapes worked together. I rather like the way the light plays off of that straight cut I made in the lemon.

Are you getting a little sick of looking at fruit?  Well rest easy, here’s today’s parting shot….

Enjoy your day and the smalls you come across in your own daily activity!


Posted March 16, 2010 by freshairfour in Art, Light Studies

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