Looking at Light….Sunlight..not Bud Light!   Leave a comment

I’ll be starting some new still life paintings soon and figured it would be a good idea to study the light in various areas of the house to see where I want to place my setup.

It’s always advantageous to use as much natural light as possible, although I may experiment with low light areas as well.  When I find the right area and the right time of the day that gives the effect I am striving for, I know I’ve found my spot…at least for this next painting.

In the meantime, I’m grabbing fruit here and there, accompanied by various objects at hand, and seeing what I capture in a digital image that may or may not be a springboard for ideas for the set up.  I’ll be doing a lot of this sort of thing.  Here are two images taken around 3pm, the first one has light from a south-west exposure….

The second shot shows light from a south-eastern facing window…a slight difference in vibrancy and mood…

As I said, I’ll be playing around a lot with this sort of thing.  It’s fun and you can learn a lot about how to best portray shape through light and shadow.  And if you’re hungry…you can always eat the apple!


Posted March 15, 2010 by freshairfour in Art, Light Studies

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