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Strawberries in Winter   Leave a comment

Today’s small is the surface decoration on this lovely painted box (circa 1830’s -40’s if I am remembering correctly) which resides in the American Folk Art section of The Art Institute of Chicago.  Although it was behind glass, I managed to get a close-up of the delicate motifs that ornament the top and sides, as well as the border of diminutive strawberries which provides a lyrical sort of rhythm around the edge of the box.

Whether this was used for trinkets or had some other use I cannot say.  I wonder how many people treasured this fine example of American craftsmanship, and how many generations placed it on their tabletop or dresser before it finally found a home in the museum?

I will stop in to visit it again in April when I return to see the Matisse exhibit, which should be another feast for the eyes.  Perhaps then I will be able to provide more details.  At any rate, it is worth a close look and provides a breath of spring on this cold March day.  Enjoy.


I Need to See Some Green Right About Now!   Leave a comment

How about you?  This long winter has dragged on long enough….like a snail set on slow motion…if you can even get slower than a snail, which come to think of it, I guess you can.  Well, anyway, you know what I’m saying I’m sure.

I for one, am ready for a “small” from the world of flora and fauna.  I’m fast forwarding to summer, since it appears spring is still in snoozing mode.

Does this look at all familiar?  Observed up close and out of context it can become anything from a flailing undersea yellow octopus all the way to a creature from a bad science fiction movie.  The fun is in using the imagination.  This inspires me….and I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t been treading in the world of smalls.   Now let’s hope some tender shoots really do start unveiling themselves soon in the yard!

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