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What on Earth is a “Small”??   1 comment

Ha! Good question!  Close the Funk and Wagnall’s because it’s not in there either…at least not the way I define it for purposes here.

My “small’s” are visual vignettes, for lack of a better word,….small pauses in observation that allow me to notice things that have the power to inspire me creatively.  With life in general we are often told to “look at the big picture”, concentrate on the overall effect..but I would venture to guess that it’s just as beneficial to deconstruct that big picture to find the hidden treasures it may contain.

Just like stopping for a moment to really savor the taste of your coffee in the morning, noticing the warmth, the nutty flavor, its enticing and comforting aroma….all the reasons you should be drinking it in the first place, right?  You miss these things if you gulp down your morning  joe at the speed of light and run out the door day after day.

I have to admit, I’m guilty as charged as well.  But here, on this blog, I’m going to create a visual record of all the smalls I come across….the good, the bad, the kitschy….whatever.  It’s a big world out there….with a lot of smalls to explore!


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